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Art Painting by Atlanta Artist Ann Bailey

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art painting live at events and weddings first dance in Savannah

Live Wedding Painting





Art Painting – PORTAITS

portrait paintings Ann Bailey classic oil painting girl in burgundy dress

Fine Art portraits






art painting Tiger on the prowl Atlanta artist paintings of Pets and Landscapes

Pets & Landscapes




Looking for Realistic, painterly fine art?

Brighten up your decor. A bold, Impressionist style fine art painting by Ann Bailey makes a colorful and striking statement!

Wedding Art Painting –

See examples of live event fine art painting at weddings and other celebration events. This is a “new” reemergence of an ancient form of art . . . capturing details, ambiance, and characters of the event itself, from life, by a skilled Atlanta fine art portrait artist using paints and brushes. Keep your photographer busy shooting the day, and also add a unique, intriguing, and wow-factor result, because a live event painter adds jazz to the party. Plus, you’ll keep the invaluable record of you, the star of the show, to enjoy and display in your original Wall Art collection!

Portrait Art Painting

Easily commission a full or metro-sized (smaller scale) portrait painting. Portraits are painted in oil on finest Belgian linen, in whatever method works best for you: from life sittings; from photo shoot references (best for young subjects); or from family photographs (as in cases of past celebrations or posthumous portraits).

Landscape Art Paintings

These are almost exclusively painted from life, known as “en Plein Air,” and are landscape portraits of gorgeous fields, hills, and gardens. Locations vary from local Savannah scenes to Appalachian Mountain vistas from Georgia to Maryland. Many of these original Atlanta fine artist paintings come from art competitions, where they were a delight to onlookers during the painting process.

Waterscape Art Paintings

These water-themed works are dramatic, colorful coastal and creek paintings which separate themselves by the bold, colorful, and reflective bodies of water they represent. Fien art water paintings are often termed “seascapes,” but this collection of original art seascapes is quite a bit more involved than only beach and ocean scenes.

Animals & Wildlife Art Paintings

Zoo paintings, horses, birds and pets all flow together here as friendly, comfortable animal art. Pet portraits are an important facet of the portrait work I do, but these paintings also include those exotic personalities we only dream of domesticating as pets! Animal paintings are vital elements in any original art collection, and stand alone in offices, libraries, family rooms, kitchens, baths, and children’s areas.

Objects of Design Art Paintings

Antique Chinese vases and airplanes… Far too dynamic, and active, to be called simply “Still Lifes.”  These paintings are decor pieces of historic and collectible items, which will thrill any hobbyist. Subjects may be requested.

Contact Fine Art Painter  – Ann Bailey – For Details

  • The fine art studio is located in Roswell GA. Please Enjoy online browsing and shopping!  We will be happy to answer any questions.
  • 678-488-6516

Gallery Representations

XANADU Gallery, Scottsdale, AZ

Ann Marshall Bailey Fine Art America Prints

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