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February 8, 2024

Wedding Painting Fees and Process

See wedding painting fees and sizes offered for paintings below. Find our online Deposit Request Form link for your event painting below.

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November 2023

Live Event Portrait Paintings - Glamour for a Cause!

A collection of images painted live during Events, and the landscapes with portraits included after they are completed.

February 2022

After Event Painting

What to do when you want a live painter for a popular date - and they're already booked?

February 2014

What’s the Perfect Size for My Painting?

Your artwork should be comfortably spread out in the space of your room,...

January 2022

Portrait paintings in Decor - Spotting the Trends

One of the easiest ways to decide what’s popular this year – or any year – is to check the pulse of the fashion industry.

August 2014

Art Is For Sharing … Should We?

Do I have to share? A familiar plea – imagined being heard from younger kids.

August 2014

Are You Teaching Art For The Kids or Their Parents?

Here’s a little art psychology on the subject.

March 2018

Fine Art as Investment – Should You Expect a Return?

Do you question your fine art as investment – and only buy art for what it might bring you in return?

November 2015

Where You’ve Seen Live Event Portrait Artists in Atlanta

Live event painting is your chance to watch the art. Since 2016 Ann Bailey and other Atlanta artists have painted for the public.

August 2014

You Gave A Blue Ribbon Why?

This post discusses a competition I was not involved in – it’s just an expose of the public announcement of its illogical outcome. My painting is featured here as a counterpoint.

August 2014

Liking Painted Portraits

To understand what you admire in a particular portrait, you often need to examine what it was the painter had in mind to begin with.

February 2022

The Portrait Process for a Painting

Learn about how to commission a portrait painting and what to expect in the process.

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