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FAQs  for Painting Pricing & Process

These are questions asked most often when couples and clients are interested in having a painting done for them.
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How long does a painting take?

In addition to the 5 to 6 hours I spend painting live at your event, it takes another 3 weeks for all of the elements of the painting to come together. Oil paints, which I work with, definitely take longer than acrylic and watercolors... but the rich glow they have when finished is well worth the wait!

How much do wedding paintings cost?

2021-2022 pricing for this permanent, framed oil painting of your favorite wedding memory will range between $1800 and $5200, depending on the size of artwork you choose. Pricing is packaged to include all the details, and delivery is free.

How much do portraits cost?

Portraits are priced specifically by size. The grandest images, nearly life-size, range from $5K to $17K, depending on size and number of subjects. Small and figurative painted portraits range from $1800 to $5200.

Do you paint pets too?

Yes! I love painting your pets, and even your favorite zoo animals... I go for the attitudes, from the smile of your chocolate lab, to the conversations of wild parakeets, to the drop-dead stares of a tiger!

Do you paint from photos or from life?

I do paint from photos when needed, or that is what you want, but, as a trained portrait artist and in the French Impressionist style I follow, I paint from life whenever possible.

What all is included in your package pricing?

Package pricing is great! You will have one thing to pay and nothing additional to wait for. Packages include all materials costs, any live painting time costs, studio time painting costs, all edits, studio framing, any product photos, taxes, final destination delivery, and in-city travel.  **Out-of-town travel incurs mileage and or airfare/hotel where necessary.

Will you travel for paintings?

Yes! I'm flexible to travel wherever your special day will be. *My Travel arrangements are made out of my hub city of Atlanta -super convenient. :)

Do you charge extra for changes after you're finished?

No. All edits, proof-changes, and any requests for changes are fine. We'll be working together on this memorable painting for you and I will be sure that your memories are wonderful and your painting delights you. As one of my favorite mentors, the late Gordon Wetmore, always said, "I'd start all over again if needed to make a client happy - any decent artist would."

Do you charge extra to frame the painting?

No. I choose to include a good quality frame with every painting I deliver because one, the painting needs that protection, and two, seeing it framed is your best First Impression. The frame cost is baked into my studio cost - not tagged on.

Can you paint in a family member who's passed away?

Yes, and I have done that many times. Family members who were not at the actual event can be painted in - as guests or as photographs - and it will be a forever feeling that they were there in spirit with you. You only need to let me know and give me some reference photos to use.

Can my guests talk to you & photograph you painting?

I absolutely love chatting with your guests. AND I don't mind at all if they choose to photograph me or the painting while I'm working. So many people want to share their delight at seeing the painting done live with friends back home. I'm happy to be part of that!

What do you need from the venue for your set up?

When I arrive I just need a general nod from your Planner or day-of Coordinator at the venue about where the action will take place. I need power for my easel light (I do have a battery pack if there's no socket available) and one chair for miscellaneous... and a meal, Please!

How much is the deposit?

The deposit for a Live Painting is $750, for all sizes.

When is the balance due?

Once your date is reserved, everything is going to happen smoothly throughout your event and you won't have anything to think about with your painting until I send you your Proof, about 3 weeks after the wedding.  Once you're satisfied and you let me know you love your painting, I'll send you the final invoice which will be due before the painting is delivered.

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