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After Event Painting

After Event Painting

Why an After-Event Painting?

  • Even if your wedding is scheduled months ahead… double requests for live paintings will happen. There are lots of requests out there for painters on a popular date and many artists are already booked. There aren’t a lot of event painters around, so what can you do about that?…
  • Ponder the impossibility of getting an artist to paint at two different weddings at once…  Not!
  • But, if you don’t find someone available, you don’t have to just forget the whole idea.
  • You can get an Event Painting done after the event.  For the Best Case Scenario when you aren’t finding a live event painter, you can benefit from my second-favorite, new art style: “After Event Wedding Painting.”You can have a beautiful artwork like this of your wedding event, capturing the colors, ambiance, and your most special day, even if the artist can’t be there live. Set up a call with me to talk about it!

How is an After Event Painting Made?

  • After Event paintings are created in studio from several photos you send me.
  • Like Live Event paintings, After Event wedding paintings are also oil paintings, on linen canvas, with the look and feel of your celebration. I compose and paint them in my same unique impressionist style as my Live Event art paintings.
  • After Event paintings, also like the Live Event art ones, make wonderful copies for Thank You cards, Giclee wall art prints, and gift mugs and totes. I pre-set your image in my fine art printer account, password protected, so only you can see and share with family and friends as you choose. (They are a U.S. company with printers here, and do a fantastic job – which they guarantee).
  • Don’t worry – This isn’t going to duplicate your photographer’s work. Your camera and video wedding photography are still very important mediums of course – they capture specific moments about everything!
  • But a painting, either a live event or an after event painting, does the world’s best job at putting everything into one thing – the art will capture the magic!

How long does it take to get your After Event painting, after the event?

It takes only a couple of weeks – after you get the wedding images to me – to get your painting done and delivered. And the best part is, I can work from a variety of cell phone snap shots! Getting decent shots is a breeze with anybody’s phone these days.  

  • It’s easy to arrange. I have a sharp little list of the top 10 images to get, and you’ll probably have a sibling or in-law at your wedding that’s up for the job! And you can have them just email their photos on to me so I can start your painting while you are on your honeymoon…

Can’t Find a Live Wedding Painter in Time?

You still deserve a painting!

The most value of a wedding painting is in the professional work that goes into capturing the live ambiance and likenesses.

Even painted after the event, you’ll get a most beautiful artwork to immortalize your momentous day.


*FYI – Since I won’t be there in person, travel fees of course, are not an issue – but delivery shipping could apply if you live outside the metro Atlanta area.Do you have other questions? Please don’t hesitate to schedule a call – text or email me for answers.

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