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Live Event Portrait Paintings - Glamour for a Cause!

Live Event Portrait Paintings - Glamour for a Cause!

Live Event painting, and including portraits in the work, is a special thing.

I have collaborated with a number of very worthwhile causes, adding an unfinished painting to be bid on in the auction, and agreeing to paint in the portraits of the winning bidder later. It's been a wonderful way to connect with collectors who love my impressionist style, and who appreciate the opportunity to both support their valued cause AND come home with an impressionist portrait of themselves.

For this process, I first create a Live Painting so you can see my inspiration and envision your final artwork. Then, I take time adding in your portrait so that you and yours love the way you look.  Please contact me HERE to discuss getting a family or friends group Live Portrait painting, and whether you win the auction or not, enjoy your bragging rights!

The Painting Inspirations

Looking back on Manet's famous french bar paintings that we all studied in college, you remember that the Impressionists got their start by moving out of the formal studio setting and into the real world and real life settings - but by still capturing thoughtful portraits of people and their surroundings.

Eduard Manet, French Impressionist. Bar at The Folies Berger

And then we remember Renoir, who furthered that mastery of the painted portrait in the ambiance of a real world, event setting.

Pierre-August Renoir, French Impressionist. Cafe

I've been fortunate to be asked to paint such event portraits at numerous events. I'm sharing details of a few below!

                                                                           Ann M Bailey. Live Event Painting. (detail) Friday Night Golf Cherokee Town Club

Ann M Bailey. Live Event Painting. (detail) Mardi Gras for Martha and Friends
Ann M Bailey. Live Wedding Painting. First Dance and Kiss of the Roses.
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