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Fine Art as Investment – Should You Expect a Return?

Fine Art as Investment – Should You Expect a Return?

Do you question your fine art as investment – and only buy art for what it might bring you in return?

Would you ever demand that an old duvet cover or set of towels bring you more money in your spring garage sale than it originally cost?

What in hell am I talking about??? I am bringing into focus the off-the-wall idea that original art you buy now to hang on your wall should first and foremost be judged and valued on “investment value.” Some will buy art now only when they are assured it will sell for more later.

But that is absurd!

fine art as investment Ann Bailey painting wild horses running

It’s as unlikely to find a new art purchase actually accelerating in value as it is to find an old Beenie Baby collection really being worth thousands… Or to find a signed copy of the Magna Carta in a flea market cookie tin.

On top of the unlikeliness of all that, in expecting investment acceleration, you could be guilty of outright unrealistic expectations.

Fine Art as Investment – Looking for a Return on Your Art?

Here is a better way to look at things:

  • When you decide to update your decor, you will fork over several thousand dollars on new armchairs and new upholstery for your antique couch.
  • You will gladly throw away the old chairs.
  • You will very likely acquiesce to another several thousand dollars worth of either new classic drapes or newly trended wide-blade shutters.
  • You’ll send the old drapes to Goodwill.
  • Heaven forbid you forgot about changing out your lamps and shades and silk pillows. Within one bedroom, your soft-decor up-charges could easily reach tuition levels.
  • Money well spent, done and done.

Now, you ask, ‘if I purchase a landscape to go with it- can I be guaranteed a resell on that’?

Not only No, but Hell No!

That art you fall in love with, and purchase for about the cost of one really finely-crafted quilt, will make you happy to wake up to every morning from now on. Your art purchase will inspire you to think and inspire you to be strong in your own choices. Your art purchase does not need to do more than that!

Fine Art as Investment in You!

Buy your choices of paintings for the joy they will give you. Buy your fine art as investment in your quality of home life.

Look at your paintings until you use them up! And if that day does come – then stick them in another room, donate somewhere or re-gift. But if that day never comes, if you never tire of the views you’ve bought, then smile more and more with each day they please you as you realize these are the best darn decorating choices you could have ever made.--

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